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How to Import EML to Outlook? With the best help possible!

Data migration is one of those modern-day processes that you may fear but are necessary to perform. It is the quickest way to get your data transferred from one email account to another. All you need to do is perform it flawlessly.

Performing the process of data migration without any flaws can be really challenging. It involves data to be extracted, converted and restored in different format. During this entire exercise the data remains in a very vulnerable state. This leaves it exposed to different kinds of threats. If you don’t pay attention to the safety of your data, you can lose it during the migration process.

The process this article focuses on is Importing EML to Outlook. Read on to find out about the best way to carry out this migration process.

You’ll need help to import EML to Outlook

The process of converting EML data to Outlook is one of the most widely carried out data conversion process. But sadly, there is no direct or official way to carry out the conversion process. You need to take a path of your choice to import EML to Outlook.

The path involving third-party converter tools is the best one. Third-party converters are modern software solutions designed especially for the process of data migrations.

Mail Extractor Pro from USL Software stands out amongst a large number of such converter tools. The tool is a feature rich solution that has everything you need packed under one single package.

It has all the generic features combined together with some rare ones. This makes the tool a common solution for all kinds of problems.

Large EML Files won’t cause any problem

Large data files are a common occurrence in modern day email databases. They incorporate large amounts of data and can become tough to convert.

Even Outlook fails to import oversized PST files. Therefore, it comes down to your converter tool to manage the size of these data files. With Mail Extractor Pro you can easily manage these. The tool allows you to not only convert large EML files easily but also to keep the size of the PST files created in check.

It is the best software to convert EML to PST as well as Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox & mbox to pst for Mac and Win Outlook.

It splits the files exceeding this size limit without any complications. You can set the size limit yourself. Thus, allowing you to customize your EML to Outlook conversion.

how to import eml to outlook

Convert Files in Batches

When you import EML to Outlook, the process can get lengthy and tiring. It is due to the size of modern-day databases. They are huge and have complex data files.

To overcome this problem, the tool allows you to convert files in batches. This approach makes efficient use of the resources available. It speeds up the conversion process without affecting the quality of the conversion process. The algorithms that the tool runs on make it possible for the eml to pst import tool.

Thus, making the process more efficient.

import eml to outlook

There is a free to download trial version of the tool that is available. Download it today and get started.